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YAMAHA VF175LA SHO L4 2.8L → NIZPRO 231 FSR 2017+

Why purchase a Nizpro Marine 231 FSR Performance Repower?

It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck!

The Nizpro Marine 231 FSR Performance Repower is a cost effective and simple way of turning your VF175 SHO engine into a 231hp rocket: improving hole shot, mid-range acceleration and top speed. It’s so good you’ll think you have a new engine on your transom! And to top it all off, using the Certified Marine Drive Cycle Test, the Nizpro Marine 231 FSR Performance Repower uses an average of 15% less fuel than stock Yamaha VF175 SHO engines in the same conditions.



Nizpro Marine 231 FSR Performance Repower is about optimising engine performance whilst maintaining Yamaha reliability.

Performance Tech Marine can reflash and upgrade your Yamaha VF175 SHO to 231hp with a Nizpro Performance Repower tune! After installing your Nizpro Marine 231 FSR Performance Repower, your Yamaha VF175 SHO engine will make 231hp with improved throttle response you can feel!

Increased Power, Improved Economy & Reliability? It’s all true!

Testing: We have painstakingly developed and tested the Nizpro Marine 231 FSR Performance Repower on a standard Yamaha VF175 SHO engine utilizing the Nizpro Marine Endurance Test on our inhouse dyno cell. The engines passed with no adverse effects*.

That same engine was also extensively water tested for 250+ hours to further validate the dyno results. These tests underpin the quality and performance of the thousands of engines currently in market using Nizpro Marine Performance Repowers .

*Performance CaveatEngine must run on Minimum 89–90 USA grade  fuel & have adhered to recommended Yamaha service intervals. 

• Power increase to 231 hp
• 11.4% Torque increase to 225.4 Ftlbs
• RPM –  Nizpro 6500rpm rev limiter
• Improved fuel efficiency up to an average of 15%

Suitable for

  • VF175 LA          2017 – 2023


Eligible Model Numbers