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Why purchase a Nizpro Marine Performance Repower?

It’s all about optimising performance.

The Nizpro Marine Performance repower is a cost effective, simple way of turning your engine into a 332hp monster: improving hole shot, mid-range acceleration and top speed. Or cruise at your normal speed with lower revs and less engine noise with improved overall fuel economy.



A Nizpro Marine Performance Repower is about optimising the performance of your engine. It’s not about turning your boat into a rocket ship – that’s what we made Nizpro 450s Superchargers for!

Performance Tech Marine can reflash and upgrade your Yamaha VF225 SHO to 332hp with a Nizpro Performance Repower tune! Upgrading to a Nizpro Marine Performance Repower, your Yamaha VF225 SHO will make 332hp with extra torque through the rev range to get your boat up and out of the water faster.

Increased Power, Improved Economy & Reliability? It’s all true!

Testing: We have rigorously tested the Nizpro Marine 332HO Performance repower on a standard Yamaha 225hp SHO engine utilizing the Nizpro Marine Endurance Test on our inhouse dyno cell. The engine passed with no adverse effects*.

The same engine has also been extensively water tested for 250+ hours to further validate the dyno results. These tests underpin the performance of the hundreds of engines currently in market using the Nizpro Marine 332HO Performance Repower & are undertaken to ensure complete confidence in the Nizpro Marine 332HO Performance Repower.

*Performance CaveatEngine must run on Minimum 89–90 USA grade fuel & have adhered to recommended Yamaha service intervals. 

STOCK YAMAHA VF225 SHO VS NIZPRO 332HO Performance Repower
• Power increase to 332 hp
• 25% Torque increase to 327Ftlbs
• Nizpro 6200 or 7100rpm rev limiter – your choice
• Improved fuel economy

Suitable for

  • Yamaha SHO VF225 LA         A Series  2009 to 2021
  • Yamaha SHO VF225 XA         A Series  2021 to Present


Eligible Model Numbers